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Top 5 winning decks in Marvel Snap

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Top 5 winning decks in Marvel Snap

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Certain cards, decks, and strategies can help you win in Marvel Snap, and some strategies are way more potent than others. You should use the most powerful decks to rank up effectively.

At the same time, you should remember that no single deck can win against all others. The fact is that there is a counter strategy for every deck in Marvel Snap. Here are the top 5 winning decks in Marvel Snap.

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Deck one - Sera Miracle

It's no secret that Sera Miracle is one of the most powerful decks in Marvel Snap. It is based on flooding the battle board with low-cost cards. After that, you should pair them with Sera’s ability. It would be best to do it at turn six, but you can do it even earlier.

Playing with this deck, you should spawn the battlefield with low-cost cards until turn 6. And on turn 6, you will unlock the second location, allowing you to destroy your enemy. You should place Okoye and Nakia in the first spot and Sera in the second spot with any 3 other cards that will be significantly empowered.

Other cards in this deck should be used to create exciting combinations. For example, you can combine Ant-Man and Angela to collect some points in the third location. Of course, developers do care about in-game balance, so this deck might just be rebalanced soon.

Deck two - Sun and Moon

The foremost thing you should know about this deck is that it provides one of the most complex and exciting combinations in Marvel Snap. The fact is that you should take cards from the opponent’s deck by using Cable and Mantis. After that, you should buff them using the Collector and duplicate them using a Moon Girl.

Moreover, this deck has a powerful combination of Carnage and Nova. You significantly buff all cards on the table using it. And the only disadvantage is that it is nearly impossible to realise all combinations in every game.

Talking about practical advice, you can use Elektra to kill low-cost cards in the early game. Also, you can place the Collector to give +2 power to your minions. But keep in mind that the Collector is a pretty random card, so don't rely on it too much.

Deck three - Sandman Aggro

You should first know that aggro decks are the most straightforward strategy in Marvel Snap. You can win against experienced players using aggro decks even if you are a beginner. But the fact is that there are many counters for aggro decks. Therefore, playing using them might appear pretty challenging.

Sandman is the most crucial card in this deck and can't be replaced. Also, it is impossible to replace Enoby Maw and Kazar. These heroes have a significant impact on the result of the battle. Moreover, Ebony Maw is the best first drop you can get while playing with this deck. If you pair it with 2 more cards, you will increase your power numbers to 27. And in the late game, you can use Iron-man and America Chavez.

Deck four - Buff Deck

The name of this deck tells you everything you should know about it. Generally, this deck is not as powerful as others in this list, but playing using it can significantly improve your skill.

The central strategy with this deck is to use buffed cards. You should use Killmonger in the early stages of the round. He can instantly kill cards with 1 cost. Also, a good option is to use Doctor Octopus during turn 5. If you place it in the empty place and combine it with Mojo, you will get a +6 bonus. Rest assured that you can easily dominate your opponents with such a significant bonus.

Also, this deck has various other cards, like Nakia, Bishop, Forge, Nova, and others. These heroes will add power to other cards while killed or released.

Deck five - Death Wave

The foremost thing you should know about this deck is that it is built around two cards: Wave and Death. These 2 cards are probably the most potent combo in Marvel Snap nowadays. The best option is to play them on turns 5 and 6. Also, you might empower this combination with Yondu and other cards.

Your primary mission while using Death Wave is to reduce the cost of Death. Unfortunately, there is only 1 way to do it - by using the destroy mechanic. By doing it, you can add more than 20 power points in 1 turn.

However, the fact is that this deck is not as easy to play as it might seem. You should be careful about your strategy from the first turns. And if you lose turns 1-4, it will be impossible to win the game.

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