Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a collectible card RPG, officially begins pre-registrations on Android and iOS

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a collectible card RPG, officially begins pre-registrations on Android and iOS

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase has just announced that their massive online multiplayer and collectible card game based on the hit franchise – Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is officially releasing worldwide. It was originally launched in China in September, and now pre-registrations have officially begun for mobile in the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a multiplayer wizarding duelling game where players will embark on a role-playing journey in this unique and fancy world. The story begins with players making their way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after receiving their acceptance letter. It will be an experience just like the movies as these budding wizards will be able to choose their own House, learn from the infamous teachers at Hogwarts, purchase supplies at Diagon Alley, and even compete in the Duelling Club.

Ahead of the global launch, William Ding, Founder and CEO of NetEase, Inc., said: “Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has been a huge success with our current players and the fan reception has been extraordinary. We are excited to open this title to a worldwide audience, and we believe fans of one of the world's biggest brands will be delighted that they can embark on adventures and experience an immersive story through a marvellous journey in the wizarding world, with infinite possibilities empowered by magic.”

In this enthralling story like no other, players will come encounter people from the Harry Potter universe as well as new characters created especially for the game. Collectible cards come into play when learning new spells and using charms. Wizards will be able to create unique combinations with these cards to cast specific spells and charms at the right time to win difficult trials, duels, and become a true grandmaster of magic.

Become a student of Hogwarts by pre-registering for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened for free on Google Play, with the App Store launch going live soon.

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