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5 best mobile games to play with the Valari Gaming Pillow

5 best mobile games to play with the Valari Gaming Pillow
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Here at Pocket Gamer, we’ve always been diligent about bringing to your attention any new gadgets and tech that will enhance your gaming experience. Whether it’s earbuds, controllers, or gaming phones, we’ve always sought out the very best. But, upon discovering the Valari Pillow, we realised that we’ve neglected one of the most important aspects of gaming: comfort; and that’s where this uber cool pillow comes in!

Designed by gamers for gamers, the Valari Pillow is the first of its kind to be developed specifically with gaming in mind, providing comfortable support for wrists, hands, and arms which lets you enjoy long play sessions whilst avoiding potential strains. It’s currently available in North America, and will be coming to the EU and UK in early summer, 2023.

If you’d like to know just how much the Valari Pillow can improve your gaming satisfaction, we’d recommend giving it a try with these 5 titles:

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been sitting atop the best mobile game charts for a while now, and if you’re a fan of ARPGs, you’ve almost certainly tried it. This Zelda-esque open-world action lavishes its players with lush, vibrant environments, exhilarating combat, and varied quests.

It’s easy to lose hours at a time in the game, so a Valari Rare Edition Pillow might be just the thing to keep your Genshin sesh as comfortable as possible.

Lords Mobile

One of the very best strategy games ever released for mobile, Lords Mobile from IGG brings players an exhilarating game that combines both strategy and tower defence. Players are given the role of a new Lord and tasked with building a prosperous kingdom that unites heroes from all walks of life.

Well, if you’re going to assume the role of a Lord then you should definitely feel like one, no? The Valari Legendary Edition Pillow has you covered. providing a wide choice of colours, premium materials, and a choice of embroidered themes.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a hero, you’ll definitely find a kindred spirit in Will. Moonlighter’s protagonist has big dreams and an even bigger heart. In Moonlighter, you’ll get to experience a wonderful RPG and roguelite mash-up that lets you manage your shop during the day and become a thrill-seeking adventurer at night.

Of course, an adventurer needs to get his shut eye too sometimes, so it never hurts to have a pillow close to you when you need to take a break and get some rest.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

It's hard not to have any list that doesn’t feature a game from this beloved tower defence franchise. This fourth epic installment in the series lets you guard your kingdom against malevolent forces and earn gold for fending off swarms of fearsome monsters.

Kingdom Rush games also have a bit of a reputation for being extremely difficult at times, so in those moments of frustration, the soothing and squashy material of a Valari Pillow is handy to have to relieve some tension.

My Talking Tom Friends

If you happen to own a cat or a dog, there’s a very good chance that they’ll claim your pillow whenever you’re not using it. For this reason, we think it’s only fitting to include everyone’s favourite feline on our list with My Talking Tom Friends.

The sandbox-style, virtual pet sim unites all of the characters from the Talking Tom franchise, allowing you to dress them up, help them play together, and have fun with them in a variety of minigames.

All Valari Pillows have removable, washable covers that can easily be swapped over, so there’s no reason to get upset if your pet does decide to enjoy it for themselves. In fact, you may want to use it as an opportunity to share your lovable companion with the Valari community on Facebook and Twitter.

The Valari Rare Edition is currently available for North American customers for $49, whilst the Legendary Edition can be purchased for $69. CUstomers in the UK and EU can also put early orders in for when the pillows become available. For more information and up to date pricing, be sure to check out Valari Pillow’s official website.