Mobile Legends: Bang Bang getting tons of cosmetics courtesy of new season pass

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang getting tons of cosmetics courtesy of new season pass

The popular MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is set to receive a bunch of new content courtesy of the latest season pass, the Starlight Pass, which was recently given an in-depth look by developer MOONTON Games. The content ranges from skins and emotes to free in-game currency and even statue remodels to really show off your own personal flair.

First up, let’s go over the massive amount of new skins being added in. The barehanded warrior Paquito will get a skin called Fulgent Punch. It offers up some new spell animations, a vivid yellow-coloured theme, and some futuristic-looking stone armour. Next, Khufra, The Desert Tyrant, is getting a terrifying clown makeover in his Dreadful Clown skin, which, as you can guess, is a dark and horror-movie-esque clown look. Then, Miya, the bow-wielding poster child, is getting one named Captain Thorns, giving her an officer-themed outfit that’s also adorned with thorns.

Those are the highlights, but there are a couple of other cosmetics being added as well, for both Kagura and Alucard. Besides skins, you can also grab yourself a Sacred Statue - essentially a skin for your turrets - that makes said statue into a stone realization of Paquito himself. Alongside those cosmetic rewards, you can also get yourself an emote and a recoloured version of Harith’s elite skin. If your eager to read more about the game and pick up some prizes while doing so, use the ML codes or the ML tier list where we are featuring all of the current champions.

So, needless to say, if you’re a fan of Mobile Legends, there are plenty of new unlocks to get out of the new real-money costing season pass. If any of these characters are your main choice to play, these skins are certainly worth the money, as they’re all quite well-realized and graphically beautiful.

And if that’s the case, or if you’re looking to get into Mobile Legends for the first time around, you can find the game for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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