Mobile Legends Hayabusa best build, emblems and combos

The ultimate ML Hayabusa guide - patch 1.6.24

Mobile Legends Hayabusa best build, emblems and combos

Hello, and welcome to the ML Hayabusa guide which will include the best build and combos that you should use to maximize the potential he has. At the bottom, you'll also find the perfect heroes to match him with!

There were many heroes that got revamped in Project NEXT and the process is very much ongoing. And some of them are pretty much the same as they only received minor changes in their base stats. But, with multiple additions of new items in the 1.6.24 patch update of Mobile Legends, these heroes have reached a new status.

Revamp Haybusa guide

The most picked assassins in ML

One of those heroes is Hayabusa. Recently, this hero grew to become one of the most picked Assassins due to immense damage scaling with proper build items. If you regularly play Mobile Legends you have probably seen or come across a Hayabusa and witnessed the changes in his damage for yourself.

Well, the reason behind for is a new item called War Axe and its synergy with Hayabusa’s skillset and the other items present in its build. This article tells you exactly what build, spells and emblems you should use to fully utilise the benefits of this current patch.

Hayabusa is a high burst damage Assassin who is usually played as the main jungler of the team. He can also play as an offlaner if your team plans to make your marksman the jungler or hyper.

The best way to play him is by ganking and invading the enemy from the start. Hayabusa excels in the early game and his main damage source is from the items equipped. So, make sure to farm well and nab kills to stay ahead in gold and exp points.

And that’s all for the introduction, let’s now take a closer look at how we can build Hayabusa, execute the bursting combos and lots more.

What are the best emblems for Hayabusa in Mobile Legends?

According to the current meta, there are only two emblem sets that prove to be good choices for Hayabusa.

If you’re playing as a Jungler for your team, choose this emblem set.

Hayabusa emblems
  • Agility +3
  • Invasion +3
  • Killing Spree

With this emblem set, Agility is a must as Assassin’s need a speed boost to chase enemies. Invasion allows the extra physical penetration which is essential in the early game and syncs well with few items in Hayabusa’s regular build. And Killing Spree is a must if you’re ganking in the middle of a team fight. It grants you a speed boost and extra HP for a short period of time that’ll help you flee before enemy targets.

If you are playing as a side laner, then you will mostly face a fighter with a 100% chance of 1v1. In this case, the High and Dry will be the best choice as it will allow you to deal extra damage if you are solo fighting.

The best spells

As he fits into the roles of a Jungler and offlaner, Hayabusa can be equipped with Bloody Retribution and Execute. The type of Retribution can be changed according to the enemy, but Bloody Retribution is good during a fight as its passive deals burning damage to the enemy.

What are the best builds for Hayabusa?

Like we mentioned above, the right build is the most important part of playing him. Assassins' damage depends on the items that are used and Hayabusa is a burst damage dealer, which means the better the items the higher the damage.

Burst damage build for Hayabusa Hayabusa burst damage build
  • Swift Boots
  • War Axe
  • Endless Battle
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Heptaseas
  • Rose Gold Meteor
Regular build for Hayabusa ML Hayabusa build 2
  • Magic Shoes
  • Blade of Heptaseas
  • Endless Battle
  • Hunter Strike
  • Blade of Despair
  • Malefic Roar

If you’re going with the burst build, make sure to build War Axe and Endless Battle first. If you’re unaware of War Axe’s feature and Endless Battle’s combo, then let’s explain that now. With each basic attack, War Axe gains a stack that goes up to 8. As we know that Endless Battle deals true damage, pairing War Axe with it, the damage significantly scales up.

As for the other items, you can always replace the last items with a defensive after judging the in-game situation.

Situational items
  • Immortality
  • Queens Wing
  • Athena Shield
  • Radiant Armor

What are the best combos of Mobile Legends' Hayabusa?

Revamped Hayabusa Guide

Hayabusa’s combos are pretty simple as it is all about timing and shadow manipulation. The better you use the shadow and gain stacks from your first skill, the easier it will be to slow down the enemy and burst them.

  • Skill 1 - Skill 2 - Skill 1 - Ultimate
  • Skill 2 - Skill 1 - Skill 2 - Ultimate

You can always try other variations to inflict more damage on the enemy. The key to extra damage is spamming the first skills as that lets you gain stacks, slows the enemy and returns the energy.

Who is the best partner for Hayabusa?

Assassins are meant to snowball. Their role is to get solo kills and farm alone without notifying the enemies of their presence. However, if you wish to make the games more fun and exciting you can partner with tanks like Franco, Johnson and Gloo.

That’s all for the ultimate build, emblem, combos and spells guide for Hayabusa in Mobile Legends. We will make sure to keep them up to date with the latest patch like we are doing with most of our content.