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How to secure Mobile Legends BB account

With all of the recent hacks we have decided to help you protect your account

How to secure Mobile Legends BB account

Do you want to secure your Mobile Legends account? Read this post to learn the easiest steps to do so. Recently, it was found that Mobile Legends’ accounts are constantly targeted by hackers.

Generally, hackers target accounts that have high MMR and expensive skins. After successfully hacking them, those accounts are sold at high rates on Facebook groups and other digital marketplaces.

After continued incidents and repeated requests by the community, Moonton rolled out various security features to ensure your account’s safety. In this article, follow the various steps and secure your account from hackers.

Use Moonton ID to bind your account

There are various social account options to connect your game ID in order to save the data. We highly advise you to connect it to the Moonton account as it is exclusively made for the game. You can also use Facebook or VK to connect, but make sure those accounts are active and running or else you might lose access to the game.

Follow the steps below to bind your account
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click on Connect to Moonton Account
  • Create one using your email ID and then again tap on the button to link it
  • After successfully binding the account, you can claim Tickets as a reward from the in-game mail

Enable two-factor Authentication

In previous patch updates, Moonton rolled out 2FA. which is arguably one of the most essential features in-game. After you enable two-factor authentication, whenever someone makes purchases such as skins, heroes, and emotes, it will ask them for a password, after which the purchase will go through.

It also helps to block unauthorized logins from different devices and provides an in-game notification and an email about any suspicious activity.

To enable 2FA, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Under the Account ID, tick Secondary Verification to enable it

Regularly update your passwords and check login history

You should change your passwords biweekly and check your login history to identify unauthorized devices. The tab allows you to block and remove unknown devices.

To check your Login History, follow the steps below:
  • Go to setting and tap on Account Settings
  • Tap on Login History to view all devices