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Mobile Legends on PC - A step by step guide

How to setup and play Mobile Legends on PC

Mobile Legends on PC - A step by step guide

Have you ever considered playing Mobile Legends on PC? If that thought has ever crossed your mind, then let me tell you a couple of tips on why it might actually be better to play on PC rather than on mobile.

Since Mobile Legends is an action-packed MOBA, you want to have the easiest possible setup to be able to win your games. On PC you can use both hands with utmost efficiency, you can check the minimap with ease, and not only. If you got used to games such as Arena of Valor, League of Legends or even Wild Rift, chances are you've noticed that it could be easier to play it on a bigger screen, with dedicated controls.

The advantages of playing Mobile Legends on PC

Of course, there are many advantages and disadvantages to playing on each platform. However, playing a MOBA on mobile or on PC can make a huge difference. Let me point out some of the advantages of why you would play Mobile Legends on PC.

You can check the minimap a lot easier

It's important to always check out your minimap. It can give you important clues on where the enemies are hiding, what objectives they are doing, and whether or not they are ganking your lane. This is not super obvious in the early ranks, but the more you play Mobile Legends, the more it'll matter.

You can react a lot quicker

Reaction time will be a big deal starting with Grandmaster Rank and above. If you manage to dodge enemy skills, it can make a huge difference in team fights, and by playing on a bigger screen (on PC) you can better see the hitbox of those skills.

Sometimes when you have both hands on the mobile device to move, it won't allow you to react as fast, and it'll also obstruct part of the screen.

You can use skills simultaneously

If you want to cast 2 skills at once, playing on PC will give you that option. You won't lose a second by moving and positioning your hand over the right on-screen buttons, since you'll basically have all the skills bound to a key on the keyboard.

Requirements to play Mobile Legends on PC

If you want to smoothly run Mobile Legends on PC (on any emulator pretty much), the following requirements are recommended:

OS: Windows 7 and above (minimum Windows XP)
RAM: 8GB or more (minimum 2GB)
CPU: AMD/Intel i5 and above (minimum Intel/AMD dual-core)
Graphics Card: AMD/NVIDIA discrete graphics, GTX660 and above (minimum Intel/AMD/NVIDIA) Mobile Legends on PC

How to download and install Mobile Legends on PC?

  • Open the Mobile Legends page on Gameloop
  • Download Mobile Legends on PC
  • Install the Mobile Legends application you downloaded. This will also install the Gameloop app if you don't have it yet.
  • Wait for the game to download and install
  • Play the game once it's ready

Additional tips when playing Mobile Legends on PC

I've had my fair share of MOBA games, and playing on PC really shone some light on a really important aspect - key binding. I suggest you go and bind the keys the way you'd like them to be played before you start your game, because it will make the game a lot easier.

You can also select how you want to move (with the mouse or WASD keys - even arrow keys if you're old-skool), which is going to make it super easy to dodge incoming skillshots.

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