Everything you need to know about Emblems in Mobile Legends: how to get them & max them out

Everything you need to know about Emblems in Mobile Legends: how to get them & max them out

Emblems are not just any other feature of Mobile Legends, that we can close an eye to and pick randomly. Emblems are quite important because the stats they provide will increase with each level that you upgrade them. In the beginning, you won't have much to upgrade. All players, at the beginning of the game, will only have two Emblems: Physical and Magic Damage.

They are not too great, but they'll still be better than nothing. If you play any specific heroes, you can upgrade these starter Emblems, but I'd strongly recommend you don't invest too much into them. However, let's start slowly, with some Mobile Legends FAQ about Emblems:

How many Emblems are in Mobile Legends?

There are a total of 9 Emblem sets. Two of them are common and give fairly low stats, and the others are special, and give way better stats.

When do I unlock the special Emblems?

You start with the 2 common Emblems, and the other 7 will be unlocked once you hit level 10. So, be patient, and keep your resources for when you unlock these!

What's the Emblems' role?

The Emblems will increase your stats in specific ways. Some of them will give you more tankiness (if you choose the tanky ones), others will make jungling easier. It all depends on which ones you choose, what role you play, and what stats you intend to boost.

When you unlock an Emblem, it will be level 1. In time, you can upgrade the emblem up to level 60.

How do I upgrade Emblems?

There are a number of ways to upgrade them. Here is a quick list of all the ways to upgrade Emblems in Mobile Legends:

- Open the Free Chests you get every 4 hours
- Complete in-game achievements
- You can complete daily tasks, to get progress for the weekly activity chest, which rewards you with Emblem Fragments and Magic Dust.
- Become a mentor (it will reward you with tons of Magic Dust)
- From the Emblem matrix (every 2 days approx.)
- Open the Lucky Standard Emblem Chest (weekly, 5 times)
- Take advantage of the free lucky spin (it's worth it mainly if it's free, otherwise not really because it's a lotto)
- Take part in limited in-game events (oftentimes there are events that reward players with Emblem Fragments and a lot more goods)

Max out the Emblem for your main heroes first

This is something that I've struggled with at the beginning because I did not know exactly how to go about upgrading the Emblems. However, I thankfully discovered fast enough that resources are limited and you don't want to spend them all over the place. Instead, you should figure out what you want to play first (you should check out our Mobile Legends hub to help you pick a hero) and only then start upgrading the Emblems.

That way you won't waste Magic Dust and Emblem Fragments on upgrading Emblems that you might never use. So, even if you start off a little bit slower with upgrading the Emblems, it will pay off in the end. Once you max an Emblem you will see quite a big difference when playing the hero!

What are the best Emblems for each hero in Mobile Legends?

To be completely honest, I can't tell you 100% which Emblem works for each individual hero. Some heroes might do well with Assassin Emblems, others will benefit greater from Jungle Emblems rather than others. Overall, this is how the Emblems are best used:

- Tank Emblem: It's best used on Tanks, and sometimes on Fighters (if they want to be a little beefy)
- Fighter Emblem: It's great on Fighters and sometimes on Physical DPS heroes (if you are willing to give up some of the stats from the Assassin Emblem).
- Jungle Emblem: I don't really recommend it unless you play Kimmy or Masha in certain situations.
- Mage Emblem: It's best used on Mages and (Magic) Assassins, sometimes on (Magic) Fighters or Supports.
- Assassin Emblem: It's best for pretty much every Physical DMG hero: (Physical) Assassins, (Physical) Fighters, and Marksmen.
- Marksmen Emblem: Sometimes it's good on Marksmen (but even so, they benefit greater from Assassin Emblem).
- Support Emblem: It's a great overall Emblem. You can use it on Supports, Tanks, Fighters, and almost everything if you don't have a better one.

In conclusion, what to take away from all this?

To sum up, you want to make sure that you unlock all the emblems at level 10 (account level 10), and then start gathering Emblem Fragments and Dust. The two "main" emblems you should prioritize should be the Mage Emblem, Assassin Emblem, or Tank/Support Emblem since they can pretty much work on every hero. Unless you can afford to invest in everything, in which case you can go for more specific ones.